This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the composer require jonassiewertsen/statamic-external-link package instead.

A Statamic fieldtype for external links


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This is a simple Fieldtype for Statamic 3, created to handle links.

Statamic Link Fieldtype

What can it do?

  • It does add a test me button to the field, so you can instantly test if the link is correct
  • It will prepend https:// to the url to make sure, that the url is working correctly if inserted on the page as a link
  • It will remove http and replace it with https, so that you can be sure to have only secure links on your site

This fieldtype is especially helpful, in case you do work with very long links. One case could be ticket sales links, which tend to be very long.


This Fieldtype works with Statamic 3 only!

Install it via the composer command

composer require jonassiewertsen/statamic-external-link

Publish the Javascript file for the Control Panel

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Jonassiewertsen\ExternalLink\ServiceProvider" --force


I love to share with the community. Nevertheless, it does take a lot of work, time and effort.

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This fieldtype is licensed under the MIT license.