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Simple estimation module, credits goes to Piotr Pasich and his article


Via Composer

$ composer require johnykvsky/estimatecalculator

Should work fine on PHP 5.6, but I didn't check that. Just change required PHP version in composer.json and maybe remove dev packages.


$calc = new johnykvsky\EstimateCalculator(4,16,8);
echo $calc->getApproximation();

EstimateCalculator needs three input parameters:

  • Optimistic estimation
  • Pessimistic estimation
  • Most likely estimation

In example we provided 4, 16 and 8 hours. Now we can try to calculate:

echo $calc->getApproximation(); //basic aproximation

The PERT says that to increase our confidence about the result we need to sum our estimations with multiplied standard deviation. When we add our E + SD the accuracy of result will be about 68%, but if we multiplied the SD by 1,6 we will reach 90% certainly

echo $calc->getStandardDeviation(); //standard deviation
echo $calc->get68accuracy(); //68% accuracy
echo $calc->get90accuracy(); //90% accuracy


$ composer test

Code checking

$ composer phpstan
$ composer phpstan-max


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.