Control SpamAssassin settings from within Roundcube

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1.20 2022-06-18 07:15 UTC


This plugin adds the ability for users to edit they SpamAssassin user prefs from within Roundcube. It interacts with preferences storied in a database via SQL. For more information on setting up SpamAssassin to work with a database please see the SpamAssassin Wiki.

Inspiration for this plugin was taken from: WebUserPrefs


This is just a snapshot from the GIT repository and is NOT A STABLE version of SAUserPrefs. It is Intended for use with the GIT-master version of Roundcube and it may not be compatible with older versions. Stable versions of SAUserPrefs are available from the Roundcube plugin repository (for 1.0 and above) or the releases section of the GitHub repository.



This plugin is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3+.

Even if skins might contain some programming work, they are not considered as a linked part of the plugin and therefore skins DO NOT fall under the provisions of the GPL license. See the README file located in the core skins folder for details on the skin license.


  • Place this plugin folder into plugins directory of Roundcube
  • Add sauserprefs to $config['plugins'] in your Roundcube config

NB: When downloading the plugin from GitHub you will need to create a directory called sauserprefs and place the files in there, ignoring the root directory in the downloaded archive.


The default config file is plugins/sauserprefs/ Rename this to plugins/sauserprefs/

  • You must set the database connection string
  • Enter the table name, name of the username field, preference field, and value field

SpamAssassin v4

To enable support for SpamAssassin v4 set $config['sauserprefs_sav4'] = true; in your config file. This replaces old rule names such as whitelist_from with with their v4 equivalent automatically. Note: Some default prefs in your config file may need to be updated. See SpamAssassin docs for more details.

Supported languages for ok_languages option

Taken from Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::TextCat

  • af - Afrikaans
  • am - Amharic
  • ar - Arabic
  • be - Byelorussian
  • bg - Bulgarian
  • bs - Bosnian
  • ca - Catalan
  • cs - Czech
  • cy - Welsh
  • da - Danish
  • de - German
  • el - Greek
  • en - English
  • eo - Esperanto
  • es - Spanish
  • et - Estonian
  • eu - Basque
  • fa - Persian
  • fi - Finnish
  • fr - French
  • fy - Frisian
  • ga - Irish Gaelic
  • gd - Scottish Gaelic
  • he - Hebrew
  • hi - Hindi
  • hr - Croatian
  • hu - Hungarian
  • hy - Armenian
  • id - Indonesian
  • is - Icelandic
  • it - Italian
  • ja - Japanese
  • ka - Georgian
  • ko - Korean
  • la - Latin
  • lt - Lithuanian
  • lv - Latvian
  • mr - Marathi
  • ms - Malay
  • ne - Nepali
  • nl - Dutch
  • no - Norwegian
  • pl - Polish
  • pt - Portuguese
  • qu - Quechua
  • rm - Rhaeto-Romance
  • ro - Romanian
  • ru - Russian
  • sa - Sanskrit
  • sco - Scots
  • sk - Slovak
  • sl - Slovenian
  • sq - Albanian
  • sr - Serbian
  • sv - Swedish
  • sw - Swahili
  • ta - Tamil
  • th - Thai
  • tl - Tagalog
  • tr - Turkish
  • uk - Ukrainian
  • vi - Vietnamese
  • yi - Yiddish
  • zh - Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified)
  • zh.big5 - Chinese (Traditional only)
  • zh.gb2312 - Chinese (Simplified only)

Changing the order of the sections

To change the order of the sections add a sections attribute with the sections listed in the desired order to the sasectionslist object in skins/[skin]/templates/sauserprefs.html. For example:

<roundcube:object name="sasectionslist" id="sections-table"
  class="records-table" cellspacing="0"
  sections="general,tests,bayes,headers,report,addresses" />

Delete user bayesian data stored in database

If the bayesian data is stored in the same database as the user prefs then it is possible for users to delete their data from the UI. See config file for example SQL

"SERVICE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Error No. [500]" Error Message

On some setups users might see "SERVICE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Error No. [500]" shows up at the top of the sauserprefs screen. In this case there could be a problem with the database connection. Try adding ?new_link=true to the end of the sauserprefs DSN in the config file. For example:

$config['sauserprefs_db_dsnw'] =

sauserprefs_save hook

Before prefs are saved to the database the plugin hook sauserprefs_save is executed, this allows you to perform any custom actions like extra validation or setting specific values. Arguments:

  • section: (string) current prefs section
  • cur_prefs: (array) the current user preferences
  • new_prefs: (array) the new preferences
  • global_prefs: (array) the global preferences


  • new_prefs: (array) the new preferences
  • abort: (boolean) if true the prefs will not be saved
  • message: (string) optional reason why the prefs were not saved which will be shown to the user

sauserprefs_sections_list hook

This allows you to modify the sections list. Arguments:

  • list: (array) the current setions array
  • cols: (array) column names to display


  • list: (array) the new setions array
  • cols: (array) column names to display

sauserprefs_section_name hook

This allows you to modify the title displayed at top of the preferences screen. Arguments:

  • section: (string) selected section of the prefs
  • title: (string) the title for the current section


  • title: (string) the title for the current section

sauserprefs_list hook

This allows you to modify the elements of the preferences screen before they are displayed. Arguments:

  • section: (string) selected section of the prefs
  • block: (array) array containing preferences blocks/options


  • block: (array) array containing preferences blocks/options

Replacing the storage class

To replace the default sql storage class with your own you need to set a special config options:

  • sauserprefs_storage: (string) the suffix of the storage class e.g. 'sql' for the default sql storage class The Roundcube config object is passed to the constructor of the class

Overriding SpamAssassin test scores

An additional "Test Scores" section can be added to the UI to allow overriding of default test scores (e.g. score A_HREF_TO_REMOVE 2.0). To do this add the scores to the sauserprefs_default_prefs array. For example:

$config['sauserprefs_default_prefs'] = [
  'score SYMBOLIC_TEST_NAME' => 2.0,

Customizing the Elastic skin

The colors and styles used by this plugin can be overridden by adding a _custom.less file to the skins/elastic sub-folder of this plugin and then recompiling the CSS.