An alternative migrate:fresh --seed command which allows you to create a group of seeders from your existing data and/or playback a group of seeders

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A wrapper around the artisan migrate:fresh --seed command in Laravel with some added quality of life functionality to assist during development.


This package allows you to create a snapshot of your database by generating a series of seeders (1 per table, plus a base seeder which calls all of the seeders) which sit within a named sub-directory in your database/seeds directory. You can then use these grouped seeders to populate your database from scratch after a fresh migrate - all within the same command.

You're free to customize the generated seeders, but be aware that if you generate another snapshot with an identical name - the new ones will overwrite the old ones.

Available Commands

There are 4 commands available with this package:

A step in replacement for artisan migrate:fresh --seed with additional functionality to generate seeders and pick which seeders to use after re-migrating. You can pass the --refresh flag to use migrate:refresh instead of migrate:fresh behind the scenes:

artisan seed:migrate

The migrate command also comes with a bonus --include-empty-tables flag which will produce a seed class for every database table regardless of whether it has any rows or not.

To generate the seeders without having to re-migrate your DB, you can run the following command:

artisan seed:generate

To delete a set of seeders generated with any of the previous two commands (this will prompt before deletion):

artisan seed:delete

To rename a set of generated seeders (renames folder/filename/classname and references!)

artisan seed:rename


The name you supply to the seed generator will have spaces stripped out and be pascal-cased before being used as the sub-folder name and seeder class prefix. If you don't provide a name, it will generate one based on the current UNIX timestamp.


  • Laravel 5.3.8+

Getting Started

You can install the package via composer:

composer require joeyrush/better-migrate-seed

Assuming you're on Laravel 5.5+ with auto-package discovery, you should be able to run the commands straight away. If you're rocking an earlier version, you'll have to add the service provider to the "providers" key in config/app.php

'providers' => [


Coming soon


This package heavily relies on the use of iSeed by OrangeHill