A Simple and fast WP Plugin Boilerplate.



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Plubo is a really simple WordPress plugin boilerplate created to speed up plugin development.

✔️ Use Blade views and directives from the start
✔️ Add styles in SCSS
✔️ JavaScript router lets you add scripts on specific WordPress templates (based on body tags) and on specific shortcode tags

Getting started

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There are 2 options to start using Plubo:

1. As a GitHub template

If you intend to use GitHub for your project, your best option is to create a new repo using this one as a template, just clicking the Use this template button.

When the new repo is ready, you can just clone it, run composer install and start programming.

When using Plubo as a template, a pipeline will be executed right after the repo creation, modifiyng the filenames and classes to match your new project name.

The pipeline files will be autoremoved.

2. With composer

composer create-project joanrodas/plubo <PROJECT_NAME>

After creating the project, use the command php plubo add to add Alpine.js, React and/or environment variables to your project.

Create a React app as a WordPress shortcode automagically! 🚀🚀🚀

If you need to use React in your project, Plubo can prepare a simple structure for you 😃

php plubo add react <APP_NAME>

Note: If you don't enter an app name, a random one will be assigned.


contributions welcome GitHub license

Feel free to contribute to the project, suggesting improvements, reporting bugs and coding.