Module to display data in grid using the jqGrid javascript plugin

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SynergyDataGrid is a Zend Framework 2 module facilitating usage of JqGrid in ZF2 applications.

It provide basic CRUD functionalities for editing database tables as an AJAX-based grid.

To use all available plugin and library features please read jqGrid documentation at

Dependencies .

Zend Framework 2 (,
Doctrine 2.0 (,
jQuery >= 1.4.2 (,
jQuery UI 1.8.9 (,
jqGrid plugin >= 4.3.1 (,

Installation - manual

  1. Go to your project's directory.

  2. Clone this project into your ./vendor/synergy/ directory as a synergydatagrid module:

    git clone

  3. Copy all files in public directory to your project's public folder

Installation - with Composer

  1. Go to your project's directory.
  2. Edit your composer.json file and add "synergy/synergydatagrid": "dev-master" into require section.
  3. Run php composer.phar install (or php composer.phar update).
  4. Follow the Post installation steps bellow

Post Installation steps

Ensure that DoctrineORM is configured correctly


In your controller class:

 use  SynergyDataGrid\Grid\JqGridFactory ;

    public function gridAction()
		//replace {Entity_Name} with your entity name e.g. 'Application\Entity\User'
        $serviceManager = $this->getServiceLocator() ;
        $grid = $serviceManager->get('jqgrid')->setGridIdentity({Entity_Name});
         * this is the url where CRUD operations would be done via ajax
         * :entity in the editurl could be any identifier or id.  You would need to
         * retrieve this and get the FQCN for use by the entity manager
         * e.g. :entity = $this->getEntityKey({Entity_Name});
         * @ see crudAction()
        $url  = /ajax/:entity;
        $grid->setCaption('My Caption'); //optional

		return array('grid' => $grid);

     public function crudAction()
        $response  = '';
         * Assumes that the entity can be retrieved from the ajax request
         * e.g /ajax/:entity
         * implement function to get the FQCN from :entity
        $entity = $this->params()->fromRoute('entity', null);
        $className = $this->getClassname($entity);

        if ( $className) {
            $serviceManager = $this->getServiceLocator();
            $grid = $serviceManager->get('jqgrid')->setGridIdentity( $className);
            $response = $grid->prepareGridData();

        return new JsonModel($response);

    public function getEntityClassname($entityKey){
        //@TODO implement as required
        //return $entityClassname ;

    public function getEntityKey($className){
     //@TODO implement as required ;
     //return $entity;

 In your view script:
 <?php echo $this->displayGrid($this->grid); ?>

In head section of your layout:
                 ->appendStylesheet('/plugins/ui.multiselect.css') ;

$this->headScript()->prependFile('', 'text/javascript')
  ->prependFile('', 'text/javascript')
  ->appendFile('/jqGrid/js/i18n/grid.locale-en.js', 'text/javascript')
  ->appendFile('/plugins/ui.multiselect.js', 'text/javascript')
  ->appendFile('/jqGrid/js/jquery.jqGrid.min.js', 'text/javascript') ;