A PHP client library for Mandrill's REST API

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A PHP client library for Mandrill's API.

This library provides all of the functionality present in the official PHP client, but makes use of namespaces and provides helper classes to ease message sending.

Installation Using Composer

Assuming composer.phar is located in your project's root directory, run the following command:

php composer.phar require jlinn/mandrill-api-php:~1.0


Sending a Message

use Mandrill\Mandrill;
use Mandrill\Struct\Message;
use Mandrill\Struct\Recipient;

// instantiate a client object
$mandrill = new Mandrill('your_api_key');

// instantiate a Message object
$message = new Message();

// define message properties
$message->text = 'Hello, *|NAME|*!';
$message->subject = 'Test';
$message->from_email = 'test@example.com';
$message->from_name = 'Mandrill API Test';

// instantiate a Recipient object and add details
$recipient = new Recipient();
$recipient->email = 'recipient.email@example.com';
$recipient->name = 'Recipient Name';
$recipient->addMergeVar('NAME', $recipient->name);

// add the recipient to the message

// send the message
$response = $mandrill->messages()->send($message);