An actual logger for WordPress.

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1.4.0 2022-08-15 19:45 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-15 23:06:03 UTC


An actual logger for WordPress.

This plugin does two things. It piggybacks on the internal php logger (via set_error_handler) and it creates a PSR logger for you to use!

More in-depth

When the plugin have loaded completely in WordPress, it will fire the jitesoft_logger_loaded action, the callback will be passed the global logger object.
If you know that the plugin is loaded, you can as well use the jitesoft('logger') function to request the logger instance. In case it is not yet loaded, the function will return null:

$logger = jitesoft('logger'); // null if not lodaed
add_action('jitesoft_logger_loaded', static fn($logger) => $logger); // will not be null when loaded.

Deprecation notice, the following will be removed in next major version

It's also possible to fetch the logger through the GlobalLogger class through the logger() method:


$logger = GlobalLogger::logger();


The plugin requires auto-loading to function properly. Without the autoloader, the plugin won't be able to find the libraries it uses and hence will not create a logger.


The plugin is currently configured via environment variables or defines. The values must be defined before loading the plugin, so the wp-config.php file or actual environment variables are preferable places to put those.

WP_LOGGER_OVERRIDE is default set to override, can be changed to disable to not override the internal php logger.

WP_ENV sets the default logging level on the logger:

  • production: errors and above
  • staging: info and above
  • development: debug and above

In case you wish to change the logging level manually, you can set the WP_LOGGER_LEVEL to an appropriate level, the following are accepted: debug, notice, info, warning, error, critical, alert, emergency.

You can also change the log level by fireing the jitesoft_log_level hook with a single string parameter with a value of the above log levels.


Currently, the logger supports two default types: json, stdout.
They are possible to set with the WP_LOGGER_FORMAT variable (stdout is default).
Both of the types will output to the stdout/stderr channel (the terminal) while they will produce either clear text logs or json formatted logs.

If you wish to change the loggers on the logging object, it's possible to do so by querying the logger and add (or remove) loggers from it. Multiple loggers can be added:


jitesoft('logger')->addLogger(new MyPsrLogger(), 'myLogger');

Or directly in the hook:

add_action('jitesoft_logger_loaded', static function($logger) {
    $logger->addLogger(new MyPsrLogger(), 'myLogger');


Use a composer based WordPress installation and require this plugin.


If you wish to add more loggers, the package depends on the jitesoft/loggers php package, which contains multiple different loggers.
If you wish to use your own loggers, the logger must implement the PSR-3 logger interface.