The Mother of Daemons

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The Mother of Deamons

Quickstart example

Here is an example of MotherOfDaemons which runs two daemons and manage them depends on their configuration

See also the examples.


use Jiromm\MotherOfDaemons\MotherOfDaemons;
use Jiromm\MotherOfDaemons\Daemon\DaemonCollection;
use Jiromm\MotherOfDaemons\Exception\MotherOfDaemonException;
use Examples\ImageHandlerDaemon;

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';
require __DIR__ . '/../examples/ImageHandlerDaemon.php';

try {
    $daemons = new DaemonCollection();

    $daemons->add(new ImageHandlerDaemon('buildings'));
    $daemons->add(new ImageHandlerDaemon('animals'));

    $mod = new MotherOfDaemons($daemons);
} catch (MotherOfDaemonException $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;