Material Design Icons on Silverstripe 4 admin

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Last update: 2021-10-13 18:09:18 UTC


Provide Material Design Icons for Silverstripe admin menu items.

Finally more icons!

Only uses simple css and javascript to replace class names that startswith with mdi:


composer require jinjie/silverstripe-admin-material-icons

How to use

No configuration is required. Make use of the current $menu_icon_class. Instead of using the built in font, use something like mdi:face.


// In ModelAdmin
class MyModelAdmin extends ModelAdmin {
    private static $menu_icon_class = 'mdi:face';
# Or in yaml
  menu_icon_class: 'mdi:settings'

How it works

A script will find classes in that starts with mdi:, adds material-icons to it and text in the in the element.


See License

We have included a 3-clause BSD license you can use as a default. We advocate for the BSD license as it is one of the most permissive and open licenses.

Feel free to alter the license.md to suit if you wan to use an alternative license. You can use choosealicense.com to help pick a suitable license for your project.


Development and contribution

If you would like to make contributions to the module please ensure you raise a pull request and discuss with the module maintainers.