Laravel 5/Plupload - Handle large file uploads

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Laravel plupload support.

Handeling chunked uploads.


Install using composer

composer require jildertmiedema/laravel-plupload

Add the provider to config/app.php

'providers' => [

If you want to use te build in builder insert the facade

'aliases' => array(
    'Plupload' => JildertMiedema\LaravelPlupload\Facades\Plupload::class,

To publish the assets:

php artisan vendor:publish

Receiving files

Use this route to receive a file on the url /upload. Of course you can place this is a controller.

Route::post('/upload', function()
    return Plupload::receive('file', function ($file)
        $file->move(storage_path() . '/test/', $file->getClientOriginalName());

        return 'ready';

Sending files

There are 3 ways to send files with this plugin.

1. Use default plupload html

Use the examples found on the plupload site.

2. Simple plupload builder

To use the builder for creating send form you can use this function:

echo Plupload::make([
    'url' => 'upload',
    'chunk_size' => '100kb',

Note: The options given to the make function are found on in the pluload documentation.

2. Extended plupload builder

echo Plupload::init([
    'url' => 'upload',
    'chunk_size' => '100kb',


Other packages supporting plupload: