Data sanitizer filters for use with waavi/sanitizer

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Last update: 2021-11-24 02:18:31 UTC


This is a collection of custom sanitization filters to be used in conjunction with Waavi/Sanitizer.


Given a data array with the following format:

$data = [
    'first_name'    =>  'john',
    'last_name'     =>  '<strong>DOE</strong>',
    'email'         =>  '  JOHn@DoE.com',
    'birthdate'     =>  '06/25/1980',
    'jsonVar'       =>  '{"name":"value"}',

We can easily format it using our Sanitizer and the some of Sanitizer's default filters:

use \Waavi\Sanitizer\Sanitizer;

$filters = [
    'first_name'    =>  'trim|escape|capitalize',
    'last_name'     =>  'trim|escape|capitalize',
    'email'         =>  'trim|escape|lowercase',
    'birthdate'     =>  'trim|format_date:m/d/Y, Y-m-d',
    'jsonVar'       =>  'cast:array',

$sanitizer  = new Sanitizer($data, $filters);

Which will yield:

    'first_name'    =>  'John',
    'last_name'     =>  'Doe',
    'email'         =>  'john@doe.com',
    'birthdate'     =>  '1980-06-25',
    'jsonVar'       =>  '["name" => "value"]',

Available Filters

Filter Description
alpha Alphabetic characters only (a-z)
address Street Addresses
country Capitalize country name (or abbreviation)
date Date values
limit Trims the input at a given limit
lower Converts the given string to all lowercase
money Sets the given string to two decimal places
name Converts the string to a Proper Name (eg, Foo O'Bar)
number Returns the numeric part of the given string
phone A US Telephone number
proper Converts the given string to Proper (Title) Case
state Capitalize state name (or abbreviation)
strip Remove some problematic characters from input. These include: ' ? ; -- / &
title-case Converts the given string to Title Case
upper Converts the given string to all uppercase
zip Converts to a US zip code


Install with composer:

composer require jijoel/sanitization-filters

We also include a Laravel service provider, via auto-discovery. For versions of Laravel prior to 5.5, add it to your providers array in config/app.php:

'providers' => [


It's recommended to sanitize your data in a FormRequest object before applying rules. The Waavi/Sanitizer package includes a SanitizesInput trait, which handles this automatically for you.

use Waavi\Sanitizer\Laravel\SanitizesInput;

class MyFormRequest extends FormRequest
    use SanitizesInput;

    public function filters()
        return [
            'name' => 'trim|escape|name',
            'email' => 'trim|escape|lower',

    public function rules()
        return [
            'name' => 'required',
            'email' => 'required|email',

Please note that at this time, in order for this to work, the Sanitizer facade must exist.