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What's Magallanes?

Magallanes is a deployment tool for PHP applications; it's quite simple to use and manage. It will get your application to a safe harbor.

So, What can it do?

You can instruct Magallanes to deploy your code to all the servers you want (via rsync over ssh), and run tasks for that freshly deployed code.

How can I install it via composer?

Simply add the following dependency to your project’s composer.json file:

    "require-dev": {
        // ...
        "andres-montanez/magallanes": "~1.0.*"
        // ...

Now tell we update the vendors:

$ php composer update andres-montanez/magallanes

And finally we can use Magallanes from the vendor's bin:

$ bin/mage version

System-wide installation with composer

$ composer global require "andres-montanez/magallanes=~1.0.*"

Make sure you have ~/.composer/vendor/bin/ in your path. You can now use Magallanes by using the mage command.

Can you give me some examples/ideas?

Sure! Suppose you have a checkout of your app and you have to deploy it to four servers; and after each deploy you have to run some boring tasks, like fixing file permissions, creating symlinks, etc. You can define all this on Magallanes and with just one command you can do all this at once!

Like this:

$ mage deploy to:production

What's this sorcery?!

Easy boy. It's not sorcery, just some technomagick!

In Magallanes you define environments like testing, staging, or production like on the example above. Then, on that environment, you can configure a setup specifying to which hosts you want to deploy and what tasks to run (after, on, and before deploying). And you are done!

This is awesome! Where can I learn more?

You can read the whole source code (naaah!); or checkout the documentation at: http://magephp.com

Enjoy your magic trip with Magallanes to the land of the easily deployable apps!!

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