A less opinionated code formatter for PHP, based on Laravel Pint.

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Pinte is an less opinionated PHP code style fixer for minimalists. Pinte is built on top of PHP-CS-Fixer and makes it simple to ensure that your code style stays clean and consistent.

Pinte is almost completely based on Laravel Pint with the added configuration (to start) of indentation and line endings which are a much requested feature.

If there are other configuration additions you'd like added please feel free to open an issue or a pull request.

Official Documentation


$ composer require jetstreamlabs/pinte --dev


Use the same commands as Pint:

$ php ./vendor/bin/pinte


$ php ./vendor/bin/pinte --dirty

To change the indentation, add the indent option to pinte.json:

  "indent": "\t"

Default for intentation is 4 spaces.

To change the line ending option:

  "lineEnding": "\r\n"

Default line ending is a single newline.

Further documentation for Pinte is forthcoming.

Security Vulnerabilities

Please review our security policy on how to report security vulnerabilities.


Pinte is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.