Quake 3 Server interaction for PHP

0.2.1 2013-06-11 18:00 UTC


PHP class for working with ioquake3-based game servers.


Q3Tool is a simple PHP class that allows developers to quickly and easily retrieve information from, or send remote commands (RCON) to game servers that are based on the Quake 3 (ioq3) engine. It was developed for, and has been extensively used with, Urban Terror servers, but should work for just about anything using ioq3 (or even just the same protocol).


// Using composer (

// Or stand-alone

// Default port, no RCON
$tool = new q3tool("");

// Non-default port, no RCON
$tool = new q3tool("", 27961);

// Including RCON
$tool = new q3tool("", 27960, "super1337password");

// Get a list of players as an array
$players = $tool->get_info("playerlist");

// Or just how many players are on
$player_num = $tool->get_info("players");

// Sending an RCON command
$response = $tool->send_rcon('bigtext "Hello all!"');

See DATA_TYPES for more information on retrieving the information you want.

Known Issues

Getting the console response from sending an RCON command is unreliable at best. This seems to be an issue with ioq3 truncating the reply when sent over the wire. I have not yet figured out a solution. Issuing commands, however, does work.