module providing a Minify features to a Jelix application.

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v1.7.4 2019-09-03 13:04 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-29 01:56:32 UTC


This is a module for Jelix, providing Minify features for HTML response objects.

Minify is a library which allow to concatenate and minify CSS and JS files. It improves performance during the load of the page. This module provides plugins to integrate it into a Jelix application.

This module is for Jelix 1.7.x and higher. See the jelix/jelix repository to see its history before Jelix 1.7.


Install it by hands like any other Jelix modules, or use Composer if you installed Jelix 1.7+ with Composer.

In your project:

composer require "jelix/minify-module"

Launch the configurator for your application to enable and configure the module

php yourapp/dev.php module:configure jminify

Then run the installer

php yourapp/install/installer.php

You can use the module.

Configuring the module

In the configuration file of the application, after the installation you should have these parameters in the jResponseHtml section:

plugins = minify

;concatenate and minify CSS and/or JS files :
minifyCSS = off # [on|off] : concatenate/minify CSS files
minifyJS = off # [on|off] : concatenate/minify JS files

; list of filenames (no path) which shouldn't be minified - coma separated :
minifyExcludeCSS = "file1.css,file2.css"
minifyExcludeJS = "jelix/wymeditor/jquery.wymeditor.js"

; bootstrap file for Minify. indicate a relative path to the basePath.
minifyEntryPoint = minify.php

With minifyCSS and minifyJS you activate the "minification". You can indicate files to NOT minify in minifyExcludeCSS and minifyExcludeJS. Keep the file name jelix/wymeditor/jquery.wymeditor.js (which is bundled into Jelix) in minifyExcludeJS. Wymeditor doesn't like to be concatenated with other files.

Indicated path should be

  • relative to the base path of the application (without a leading /)
  • or relative to the domain name (with a leading /)

Don't indicate full URL (with http://...), they are automatically excluded.

Configuring Minify

The module install a copy a script minify.php in your www/ directory. If you want to choose an other name for this script, indicate its name into the option minifyEntryPoint.

The module installer create also minifyConfig.php and minifyGroupsConfig.php into the app/system directory of your application. These are files to set Minify native options. Read the documentation of Minify to know options.

unit tests

Unit tests are in Testapp, in the jelix/jelix repository.