module for Jelix,allowing to authenticate with an ldap server and to register users locally.

v1.1 2015-06-03 11:52 UTC


This is a module for Jelix, providing a plugin for jAuth allowing to authenticate with an ldap server, and register them in the app database, using a dao.

This module is for Jelix 1.6.x and higher.


Install files with Jelix 1.7 (experimental)

You should use Composer to install the module. Run this commands in a shell:

composer require "jelix/ldapdao-module"

Install files with Jelix 1.6

Copy the ldapdao directory into the modules/ directory of your application.

Declare the module

Next you must say to Jelix that you want to use the module. Declare it into the mainconfig.ini.php file (into yourapp/var/config/ for Jelix 1.6, or into yourapp/app/config/ for Jelix 1.7).

In the [modules] section, add:


Following modules are required: jacl2, jauth, jauthdb. In this same section verify that they are activated:


Launch the installer

In the command line, launch:

php yourapp/cmd.php install


This module provides two things:

  1. a plugin, ldapdao, for jAuth
  2. a configuration file for the auth plugin for jCoordinator.

The ldapdao plugin replaces the db or ldap plugin for jAuth. The installer of the module deactivates some jAcl2 rights, and copy an example of the configuration file authldap.coord.ini.php into the configuration directory
(var/config in Jelix 1.6, app/config in Jelix 1.7).

You should edit the new file authldap.coord.ini.php. Many properties should be changed to match your ldap structure.

Second, you should indicate this new configuration file into the mainconfig.ini.php file, in the coordplugins section: