Jelix skeleton application to start a new project

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Last update: 2020-12-25 21:10:51 UTC


Application skeleton to start a new project with the Jelix framework.

Only for the Jelix master branch (unstable). For stable version of jelix, see other branches of the jelix-skeleton-app git repository.


Install Composer. For example on Linux or MacOs:

curl -sS | php
sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

Then create your project, let's say 'myapp', using the source code of jelix-skeleton-app:

composer create-project jelix/jelix-skeleton-app myapp dev-master

And go into the newly created folder for next commands

cd myapp/

The next thing to do is to setup the application:

# copy the file where 
cp var/config/profiles.ini.php.dist var/config/profiles.ini.php

# an empty file to indicate local configuration values
cp var/config/localconfig.ini.php.dist var/config/localconfig.ini.php

# run the Jelix installer
php install/installer.php

Create a link to the jelix-www of jelix. Jelix-www contains web resources for some Jelix components:

ln -s ../vendor/jelix/jelix/lib/jelix-www www/jelix

or copy the directory

cp -a ../vendor/jelix/jelix/lib/jelix-www www/jelix

Then you can launch the Php web server

php -S localhost:8080 -t www 

And see your first page in your browser at the URL: http://localhost:8080.

You are ready to develop your application and modules ;-)

Note: use the PHP web server only for development. Use production ready web server like Apache or Nginx to run the application for production.

name & informations

In some comments header and other files, there is the name of the application "jelix-skeleton-app". You should probably change it. You should also probably want to change informations into the .jelix-scripts.ini file, in the composer.json file and in the project.xml file.

licence and copyright

The source code files are not released under a licence. So you have to choose a licence and you should update the LICENSE file, the composer file and all comments header of other files.

installation without Composer

Retrieve the Jelix archive. You'll find a create-jelix-app.php script in it which creates from scratch the skeleton app. See the documentation.