classes to read and modify ini files by preserving comments and empty lines

v3.4.0 2024-02-13 16:19 UTC


Some classes to read and modify ini files by preserving comments, empty lines.

They supports sections and array values. You can also merge sections, merge two ini files, and rename some values or sections.


You can install it from Composer. In your project:

composer require "jelix/inifile"


The \Jelix\IniFile\IniModifier class allows to read an ini file, to modify its content, and save it by preserving its comments and empty lines.

Don't use this class to just read content. Use instead \Jelix\IniFile\Util or parse_ini_file() for this purpose, it's more efficient and performant.

$ini = new \Jelix\IniFile\IniModifier('myfile.ini');

// setting a parameter.  (section_name is optional)
$ini->setValue('parameter_name', 'value', 'section_name');

// retrieve a parameter value. (section_name is optional)
$val = $ini->getValue('parameter_name', 'section_name');

// remove a parameter
$ini->removeValue('parameter_name', 'section_name');

// save into file


// importing an ini file into an other
$ini2 = new \Jelix\IniFile\IniModifier('myfile2.ini');

// merging two section: merge sectionSource into sectionTarget and then 
// sectionSource is removed
$ini->mergeSection('sectionSource', 'sectionTarget');

It supports also array values (indexed or associative) like :


Then in PHP:

$ini = new \Jelix\IniFile\IniModifier('myfile.ini');

$val = $ini->getValue('foo'); // array('bar', 'baz');
$val = $ini->getValue('assoc'); // array('key1'=>'car', 'otherkey'=>'bus');

$ini->setValue('foo', 'other value', 0, '');
$val = $ini->getValue('foo'); // array('bar', 'baz', 'other value');

$ini->setValue('foo', 'five', 0, 5);
$val = $ini->getValue('foo'); // array('bar', 'baz', 'other value', 5 => 'five');

$ini->setValue('assoc', 'other value', 0, 'ov');
$val = $ini->getValue('assoc'); // array('key1'=>'car', 'otherkey'=>'bus', 'ov'=>'other value');

After saving, the ini content is:


foo[]="other value"
assoc[ov]="other value"

Note: the result can be parsed by parse_ini_file().

See the class to learn about other methods and options.

The \Jelix\IniFile\MultiIniModifier allows to load two ini files at the same time, where the second one "overrides" values of the first one.

The \Jelix\IniFile\IniModifierArray allows to load several files at the same time, and to manage their values as if files were merged.

The \Jelix\IniFile\Util contains simple methods to read, write and merge ini files. These are just wrappers around parse_ini_file().