Tools to build package of a project

2.1.0 2021-11-12 10:17 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-12 15:28:11 UTC


JelixBuildTools is a set of scripts

  • to generate final source file from source file which needs a preprocessing step.
  • to generate package to distribute sources
  • to create "makefile" like in PHP

Creating a "makefile"

jBuildTools contains classes to ease to write build scripts.

A build script accept in parameters the name of an ini file containing some build options.

To create a script:

  • You should define first an array, containing all options that can be in the ini file
  • Then you call \Jelix\BuildTools\Cli\Bootstrap::start() with the array. It then read the ini file and other options in the command line.
  • Then you can write your instructions

You can use several classes:

  • \Jelix\BuildTools\Cli\Environment to read options value of the ini file
  • \Jelix\BuildTools\Manifest\Manager to use manifest files. A manifest file is a file containing a list of files to copy in a specific directory. The syntax in a manifest file allows to indicate if a file should be preprocessed or not and how.

For scripts written for JelixBuildTools lower than 2.0 (jBuildTools), include the file lib/legacy/init.php instead of the old

More documentation later.


This is a tool to preprocess source file. It generates source file from other source file which contain preprocessing instruction. So you can generate source file according to parameters (environment variables).

usage :

     php preprocess.php source_file target_file


Copy some source file from a directory to another, according to a "manifest" file. So it can be used to generate packages. In the manifest, you write the list of files, and indicates where it should be copied, if a preprocessor should be applied etc.. see

usage :

    php mkdist.php [-v] source_dir target_dir


generate a manifest file

   php mkmanifest.php [-v] source_dir [base_path]


This library has just been extract from an other repository, So its history may contain some cryptic commit comments, that have signification only for the Jelix Framework. This library has been used for long time to build packages of Jelix.


This lib includes the Javascript Packer class from