Server Monitor built with CakePHP 3

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CakePHP 3 Plugin for Monitoring Server Stats


  • To install the CakeServerMonitor plugin, you can use composer. From your application's ROOT directory (where composer.json file is located) run the following:

    composer require jeffersonsimaogoncalves/cakephp-server-monitor

  • You will need to add the following line to your application's config/bootstrap.php file:

    Plugin::load('JeffersonSimaoGoncalves/CakeServerMonitor',['bootstrap' => true]);


CakeServerMonitor currently supports notification via email. You can configure recipients' email addresses in your applications 'config/bootstrap.php' file using overwriting the key:


Scheduling task

The last step to make this work is to add a cron job. You can do so by adding a similar line as shown below to your system's crontab file. Do remember to update the path to your own project. The following cron job runs at 1 am every day, you can change it to your own preference.

* 1 * * * cd path && bin/cake monitor run


CakeServerMonitor does provide some customisation options.

  • Changing email profile

by default CakeServerMonitor uses the default profile to send an email. You can change it to your own preference using the key:

  • Changing checking stats

by default CakeServerMonitor checks following stats:

  • Disk Space
  • MySql Process
  • Nginx Process

Under the hood, each checker is actually a class under JeffersonSimaoGoncalves namespace. You can overwrite what checkers to run via the CakeServerMonitor.commands key:

        'disk_space' => 'JeffersonSimaoGoncalves\CakeServerMonitor\CommandDefinition\DiskSpace',
        'mysql' => 'JeffersonSimaoGoncalves\CakeServerMonitor\CommandDefinition\MySql',
        'nginx' => 'JeffersonSimaoGoncalves\CakeServerMonitor\CommandDefinition\Nginx',

You can remove any checkers above so it won't run.

  • Creating your own checker

As you might have already guessed, you can create your own checker to extend CakeServerMonitor's abilities. To do so, creates a class extends from JeffersonSimaoGoncalves\CakeServerMonitor\CommandDefinition\CommandDefinition abstract class and implement its defined abstract methods.

After that, add your own checker to the CakeServerMonitor.commands key as shown in previous section.

Helper methods

To view current server stats:

bin/cake monitor view


This work is fork on the code by watchowl.