Bugsnag log engine for CakePHP.

2.0.2 2018-07-10 23:21 UTC

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Provides as custom log engine for Bugsnag.


  • CakePHP 3.x
  • PHP 5.4.16 or greater


[Using Composer]

composer require steefaan/cakephp-bugsnag:dev-master

Enable plugin

Load the plugin in your app's config/bootstrap.php file:



Configure the API-Key for Bugsnag in your app's config/app.php file:

'Bugsnag' => [
    'apiKey' => 'YOUR_API_KEY'


Straight forward API usage for Bugsnag and a custom log engine for CakePHP makes it surprisingly easy to implement the plugin to a new or even to an existing project. As usual and described in CakePHP's documentation you can configure the log engine as follows:

'Log' => [
    'bugsnag' => [
        'className' => 'Bugsnag\Log\Engine\BugsnagLog',
        'releaseStage' => 'development',
        'filters' => [
        ... more options

For a complete list of all available options, please refer to Bugsnag's documentation. This plugin doesn't know any limitation, you can use all configuration settings which are listed in Bugsnag's documentation. Please keep in mind that you need to remove the set prefix for each Bugsnag option. setFilters becomes filters, setReleaseStage becomes releaseStage and so on.

If you want to modify the Bugsnag notification before you send it to the their API, you can do this easily with an event listener. You only need to listen to the following event:


How you can listen to events is detailed described in Cake's documentation. This plugin comes with a ready to use Listener to provide you the best Bugsnag experience. I suggest to load this listener even if you write your own. You can configure the built in listener in your app's config/bootstrap.php as follows:

use Bugsnag\Listener\BugsnagListener;

EventManager::instance()->on(new BugsnagListener());