A laravel wrapper around the zencoder API.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a copy of the repo found here - https://gitlab.advantage4me.co/opensource/zencoder/. I created this 'fork' for use in my own projects as the previous version hasn't been updated to support Laravel 4.2


A laravel wrapper around the Zencoder API (Current version: v2.2.*)

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You can install the package for your Laravel 4 project through Composer.

Require the package in your composer.json.

"a4m/zencoder": "1.*"

Run composer to install or update the package.

$ composer update

Register the service provider in app/config/app.php.


Add the alias to the list of aliases in app/config/app.php.

'Zencoder' => 'Jaybizzle\Zencoder\ZencoderFacade',


The packages provides you with some configuration options that are required.

To create the configuration file run this command in your command line app:

$ php artisan config:publish a4m/zencoder

The configuration file will be published here: app/config/packages/a4m/zencoder/config.php.


This is a simple wrapper around the official api, which means that everything you can do via documented on the official API can be done through Zencoder:: with one exception; Laravel facades do not allow us direct access to the properties so we use accessor functions e.g.


We also have one more function Zencoder::instance() which simply returns the Zencoder instance allowing these properties to be set e.g.

Zencoder::instance()->jobs = 'Something Else';


Zencoder comes with a nice little ruby gem that acts as a proxy between their server and your local dev environment which is useful if you are developing behind a firewall since Zencoder cannot access your server to send you the notifications. The issue here of course is that it requires ruby to be installed for it to work.

Being that we are developing with Laravel we might as well leverage the power of PHP so to the rescue comes php artisan zencoder:notifications. Which is a php port of the ruby gem. The port includes all the options that the ruby gem does which can be seen using php artisan zencoder:notifications --help or the detailed documentation via php artisan zencoder:notifications --docs.

For the command to work you are required to setup the receivingUrl in the package configuration file along with the above settings.

Package provided by Advantage4me™ for the OSS community.