A Laravel package to help organise migration files.

v6.3.0 2023-02-01 08:58 UTC


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The number of migrations in any sized project can quickly become huge, and although they are ordered, having one big list can sometimes be inconvenient and slow to navigate.

This package will put your migrations in yyyy/mm folders e.g.



  • Laravel 5.3-6.* use v4.*
  • Laravel 7.* use v5.*
  • Laravel 8 & 9 use v6.*


composer require jaybizzle/laravel-migrations-organiser

Add the following to the providers array in your config/app.php file..


Laravel ^5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the ServiceProvider


This package hooks into the default artisan make:migration command. Just use that as you normally would and the package takes care of the rest.

What if I have already created migrations

No problem, just run artisan migrate:organise and your migrations will be moved into the relevant yyyy/mm folders.

I want my migrations back to how they were

Again, no problem. Running artisan migrate:disorganise will move all migrations from the yyyy/mm folder structure into the base migrations folder. Add the --force option to delete left over folders without confirmation.