This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Adds modern OOP DB patterns to the Mongo PHP extension

v1.3.2 2019-10-18 07:40 UTC


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Jasny DB Mongo adds OOP design patterns to PHP's MongoDB extension.

Jasny DB Mongo is not a DB abstraction layer, it extends the Mongo classes (except for Jasny\DB\Mongo\Cursor class, which incapsulates MongoDB\Driver\Cursor, but still allowing to call it's methods transparently). All of Mongo's classes, properties and methods are available and will work as described in the PHP manual.


Use composer to install Jasny Mongo DB.

php composer.php require jasny/db-mongo '~2.0'


It can be used in the same way as MongoDB extension, with a few improvements.

Init connection

When creating Database instance, we can use not only MongoDB\Driver\Manager as first parameter, but also an array of options, or even a uri connection string:

$options = [
    'client' => 'mongodb://localhost:27017',
    'database' => 'test'

$db = new DB($options, '');


$uri = 'mongodb://user:password@test-host:27017/test-db?foo=bar';
$db = new DB($uri, '');

Or database name can be passed as second parameter, like it is required in MongoDB\Database.

Saving items

You can use collection save methods, defined in MongoDB\Collection. Unlike in old PHP Mongo extension, save method is removed from new extension. Our library implements it in Jasny\DB\Mongo\Collection class, as it is very handy.

So you can do:

$collection = $db->test_collection;
$document = ['foo' => 'bar'];


After this $document will contain _id field.

If you use other saving methods like replaceOne, insertOne, insertMany, id field is not automatically attached to document, as we need to follow parent methods declaration, which does not allow this.

To assign created id to document, you can do:

$result = $collection->insertOne($document);
$collection->useResultId($document, '_id', $result);

That is automatically performed in some of our library classes, like Jasny\DB\Mongo\DataMapper or Jasny\DB\Mongo\Document.

Fetching from db

When using $cursor = $collection->find($filter) for fetching records, an instance of Jasny\DB\Mongo\Cursor is returned. It does not extend MongoDB\Driver\Cursor class, as all MongoDB\Driver classes are final. Instead it incapsulates it, implementing magical calling of all it's methods.

So the following check won't work:

$cursor instanceof MongoDB\Driver\Cursor; // false

But you still can do everything else:

$asArray = $cursor->asArray();

or performing foreach iteration over cursor.

Cast fetched records

There is a base class we use for items, that are stored in DB. That's Jasny\DB\Entity, that is defined in Jasny DB repository.

Fetching db records using collection methods find and findOne can produce records of this class (or any of it subclasses you define).

To make use of that, you should obtain collection instance in the following way:

$collection = $db->selectCollection('foo_collection', ['documentClass' => SomeEntity::class]);

Casting to Entity class is performed by our framework, without use of MongoDB typeMap functionality, because casting can be pretty complex.

Than in the following case:

$record = $collection->findOne($filter);

$record is an instance of Jasny\DB\Entity.

In the following case:

$cursor = $collection->find($filter);

to obtain casted records, you should either iterate over $cursor using foreach, or use $cursor->toArrayCast() method, implemented by our framework. If you use native $cursor->toArray() method, implemented by MongoDB\Driver\Cursor, records use casting defined in collection's typeMap option. By default we set this option to use casting to array.