A XML (Un-)Serialization Library, full configureable via annotations.

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A XML (Un-)Serialization Library, full configureable via annotations.


Add this line to your composer.json "require" section:


    "require": {
       "jas/xml": "*"


use jas\xml\Meta as Xml;
 * @Xml\Document(rootNode = "foo")
class MyObject {
     * @var int
     * @Xml\Attribute(name="bar")
    protected $foo = 4;
     * @var string
     * @Xml\Element(name="hello")
    protected $bar = "hello world";

$xml = jas\xml\Writer::toXML(new MyObject); -> /*
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<foo bar="4">

$myobject = jas\xml\Reader::fromXML('MyObject', $xml);


  • Outsource Reader/Writer-Logic to "layouts". A Layout should describe, how data is mapped between object and XML. This is especially for Lists which might be mixed up by different types of elements, ... That will be a very complex step.
  • Group Writer an Reader into a "Processor" that can be configuried with default options, or at which XML-Definitions can be set without Annotations (to support php or yaml configurations and so on). (implementation issue: how to manage "static" usage via reader/writer!?)
  • Read attribute/element type from @var-doccomment with namespace parsing
  • Namespace support
  • Dynamic TypeMap to automaticly convert type-name to class name in an php namespace via callback