Abstraction layer PHP to integrate with a Loggi API

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Abstraction layer PHP to integrate with a Loggi API.

Read More https://docs.api.loggi.com/docs

HowTo Use

First, install library:

$ composer require jansenfelipe/loggi-php

Just instantiate the resource you want to consume.

In the example below I'm looking for all the Shops:


use JansenFelipe\LoggiPHP\Presto\ShopResource;
use JansenFelipe\LoggiPHP\Presto\OrderResource;
use JansenFelipe\LoggiPHP\Presto\Entities\LocationEntity;

$shopResource = new ShopResource();

$result = $shopResource->all();

foreach ($result as $shop) {
    echo $shop->id;
    echo $shop->pk;
    echo $shop->name;

 * Now, I will estimate the price to deliver at a certain point

$from = $result[0]; //Get a first shop

$orderResource = new OrderResource();

$to = new LocationEntity();
$to->latitude = -19.8579253;
$to->longitude = -43.94522380000001;

$result = $orderResource->estimation($from, $to);

echo 'Estimated price: '. $result->price;


The above example assumes that the environment variables LOGGI_API_URL, LOGGI_API_EMAIL and LOGGI_API_KEY are configured.

By default, the request will be sent in the production environment.

If you want, you can instantiate the LoggiClient manually and inject into the resource.

For example:


use JansenFelipe\LoggiPHP\Presto\ShopResource;
use JansenFelipe\LoggiPHP\LoggiClient;

$client = new LoggiClient(LoggiClient::SANDBOX, 'my-email@gmail.com', 'my-key-api');

$shopResource = new ShopResource($client);

Available resources

  • Presto
    • ShopResource
      • all() : ShopEntity[]
    • OrderResource
      • estimation(from:ShopEntity, to:LocationEntity) : EstimateEntity



You can run a query without using resources. Just call the executeQuery($query) method of the LoggiClient class.

For example, let's look at all the cities where Loggi operates:


use JansenFelipe\LoggiPHP\LoggiClient;
use JansenFelipe\LoggiPHP\Query;

$client = new LoggiClient(LoggiClient::SANDBOX, 'my-email@gmail.com', 'my-key-api');

$query = new Query([
    'allCities' => [
        'edges' => [
            'node' => ['pk', 'name', 'slug']

$response = $client->executeQuery($query);


The MIT License (MIT)