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PHP 5.3+ translation framework, similar to Gettext

v0.0.3 2014-02-11 14:14 UTC


Composer-compatible translation framework for PHP 5.3+ supporting multiple translation backends.


Tee can be installed through Composer by adding it to your dependencies like this:

	"require": {
		"jamwaffles/tee": "dev-master"


Make sure to include the Composer autoloader. You can then globally configure Tee as follows:

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use \Tee\Translator as Trans;

	'adapter' => '\\Tee\\Adapter\\JSON',
	'adapterConfig' => array('translations' => 'example_translations/'),
	'locale' => 'de'

Tee is aliased to Trans here to make things easier.

Tee is bundled with the \Tee\Adapter\JSON JSON-based adapter by default. You can write your own by extending the \Tee\TeeAdapter interface.


Tee can be used as a namespaced static class as \Tee\Translator like this:

\Tee\Translator::configure(array( ... ));

$username = 'JamWaffles';
$someString = \Tee\Translator::translate("Hello, %s", $username);

Or with the convinence method, T(), like this in your templates:

<h1><?= T("Account for %s", $username) ?></h1>

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit...</p>



The JSON adapter uses standard JSON files to store translations in a "original": "translation" format. For example:

	"Hello world, my name is %s": "Hallo Welt, mein Name ist %s"

Configure Tee to use the \Tee\Adapter\JSON adapter like this:

	'adapter' => '\\Tee\\Adapter\\JSON',
	'adapterConfig' => array('translations' => 'resources/languages/'),
	'locale' => 'de'		// Or whatever else

Pass an array to adapterConfig to specify where the translations will be stored. The locale value is the name of the translation file without the .json extension. The configuration above would look for a file at



  • Documentation on the wiki
  • Modify JSON adapter file format to have a small config section so fallback languages can be specified
  • Add support for multiple caching mechanisms. Will look into supporting most common existing caching libraries. APC(u) will come first.
  • Better error reporting. Allow passing of logger instances?