Frontend UploadField for SilverStripe 4 with Dropzone.js

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Frontend UploadField for SilverStripe 4 with Dropzone.js.


composer require jamesbolitho/silverstripe-frontenduploadfield

Field Configuation

To use this field use:

use jamesbolitho\frontenduploadfield\UploadField;

Create your field as normal in your form:

$upload1 = UploadField::create('Images', 'Images');

Set upload folder:


Set allowed file types:


Set allowed max file size:

$sizeMB = 1; // 1 MB
$size = $sizeMB * 1024 * 1024; // 1 MB in bytes

Set to allow multiple file upload:


Set allowed number of files to upload:


Set timeout for the XHR requests in milliseconds:



  • Add ability to alter more Dropzone settings programmatically through silverstripe i.e. chunk sizing etc.
  • Only been tested with images so needs further development and testing with files i.e. pdf's, docx etc.