Send a TCPDF generated bill for orders with tt_products

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v0.1.1 2020-02-14 12:52 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-14 15:31:56 UTC


The TYPO3 extension tcpdfbill_tt_products has the purpose to enable the generation of a bill in a PDF format. A HTML bill is converted into a PDF bill using the TCPDF library. The TCPDF library is not included in this extension. tt_products makes usage of this extension.

Put this into the Setup:

Generate bill:

plugin.tt_products {
  bill.generation = auto
  bill.conf {
     path = fileadmin/data/bill
  orderEmail {
    10002.attachment = bill

Use the setup bill.conf to overwrite the charset and the standard configuration attributes of TCPDF. This extension contains a HTML template file which you can move into the fileadmin folder if you want to adapt it to your needs.

plugin.tt_products {
  bill.conf {
     templateFile = fileadmin/pdf_template.html
     font {
        style = normal

TCPDF Library:

Use the Extension Manager to set the relative library path to TCPDF, where the TYPO3 home directory is the starting point.

libraryPath = tcpdf

If you have installed the extension t3_tcpdf, then you must use this configuration:

libraryPath = typo3conf/ext/t3_tcpdf/Resources/Private/PHP/tcpdf

For extension tcpdf you must use this path:

libraryPath = typo3conf/ext/tcpdf/Resources/Private/Library/tcpdf

Only the older library is supported, where the file /tcpdf/tcpdf.php must exist. For PHP 7 you must get a fork of it at: