Google Analytics extension for the Yii framework

1.0.2 2014-06-03 12:17 UTC


Google Analytics extension for the Yii framework. It supports general tracking as well as tracking e-commerce transactions.

See https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/ for general information about Google Analytics integration.


Install the application using Composer and make sure you've included Composer's autoloader in your bootstrap file. After that you will need to add the following to your application configuration:

// change this path if necessary
Yii::setPathOfAlias('yiiga', realpath(__DIR__.'/../../vendor/jalle19/yii-ga/src/yiiga'));
return array(
			'cookieDomain'=>'www.example.com', // optional
			'currency'=>'euro', // only needed if you're going to use e-commerce transactions


To register basic tracking support, add Yii::app()->ga->registerTracking(); to your main layout file (assuming you want to track the whole site).

To register e-commerce transactions, adapt the following snippet to your needs (see the class files for which properties are available for transactions and transaction items):


/* @var $order Order */

// Create a new transaction
$transaction = new yiiga\models\Transaction();
$transaction->orderId = $order->id;
$transaction->city = $order->city;
$transaction->country = $order->country;
$transaction->total = $order->total;
$transaction->tax = $order->tax;

// Add the order items to the transaction
foreach ($order->items as $orderItem)
	$item = new yiiga\models\TransactionItem();
	$item->sku = $orderItem->sku;
	$item->name = $orderItem->name;
	$item->price = ($orderItem->price + $orderItem->tax);
	$item->quantity = $orderItem->quantity;


// Register the transaction


This application is licensed under the New BSD License


Thanks to @crisu83 for giving me some pointers!