A helper around react/http for creating static web servers

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This is a very basic helper for creating static web servers using react/http. It serves files from a specified directory and can optionally be configured to require authentication.


  • PHP >= 5.6


composer require jalle19/react-http-static


This example will serve the directory /var/www on port 8080. Additionally it will require clients to authenticate using the username admin and the password admin.



use Jalle19\ReactHttpStatic\Authentication\Handler\Basic as BasicAuthenticationHandler;
use React\Http\Server as HttpServer;
use React\Socket\Server as Socket;

// Create an event loop. You'll probably want to use your own application's loop instead of creating a new one.
$eventLoop = \React\EventLoop\Factory::create();

// Create the socket to use
$socket = new Socket($eventLoop);

// Create the server itself
$httpServer      = new HttpServer($socket);
$staticWebServer = new Jalle19\ReactHttpStatic\StaticWebServer($httpServer, '/var/www');

// Apply our authentication handler
$handlerCallback = function ($username, $password) {
    return $username === 'admin' && $password === 'admin';

$staticWebServer->setAuthenticationHandler(new BasicAuthenticationHandler('our fancy realm', $handlerCallback));

// Start the loop

Index handling

Requests for the root path (/) are mapped to index.htm or index.html by default, whichever is found first. You can override this behavior like this:



You can write your own authentication handlers by implementing Jalle19\ReactHttpStatic\Authentication\Handler\HandlerInterface.

Logging requests

You can log requests by passing a PSR-3 compatible logger to the server's constructor or by calling setLogger().