Universal captcha protector

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PHP Captcha Protector tiny library

This library is useful, when you need a simple captcha protection for any of you website part. It could be login form, or search form. Captcha Protector will help you protect your project from brute-force attacks or spam.


You can install Captcha Protector via composer

require jakulov/captcha-protector

Live examples

Live examples presented at http://cp.jakulov.ru The code of examples can be found in this repo: src/examples

You can run examples on your machine, if you have installed PHP. To do this, just clone this repo. Than in console do:

composer install
cd app
php -S localhost:8000

And now open http://localhost:8000/app/

If you don't have composer, visit https://getcomposer.org/download/


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