Dynamic table generator for bootstrap 3

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This package is a dynamic table generator for Bootstrap 3 written in Php. This package is fully tested and ready for use.

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The first requisite to run the package is to include Bootstrap 3 in your Application. For more info see: this link.

The next step is to install this package through Composer. Edit your project's composer.json file to require "jacopo/bootstrap-3-table-generator": "dev-master".

"require": {
	"jacopo/bootstrap-3-table-generator": "dev-master"
"minimum-stability" : "dev"

Next, update Composer from the Terminal:

composer update

That's it. You successfully installed Bootstrap 3 table generator!


To use te package you need to require Jacopo\Bootstrap3Table\BootstrapTable. Here is an example for a quick usage of the tool:

use Jacopo\Bootstrap3Table\BootstrapTable;

// create the generator class
$table = new BootstrapTable();
// set the configuration
$table->setConfig(array("table-hover"=>false, "table-condensed"=>true, "table-striped"=>true ) );
// set header content (optional)
$table->setHeader(array("firstCol") );
// add table row
$table->addRows(array("cell1","cell2"), array("custom-class1"));
// you can also add a bigger row
// or add a smaller row

// setup extra custom css classes for the table
// print the table
echo $table; // equals to echo $table->getHtml();

Methods overview

The methods available are:

setConfig: set the base configuration of the table. Accepts an array of options. The option available are:

table-striped: Adds zebra-striping to any table row . table-bordered: Add borders and rounded corners to the table. table-hover: Enable a hover state on table rows. table-condensed: Makes tables more compact by cutting cell padding in half. table-responsive: Makes table responsive. id: Set the id of the table.

You can also add extra css classes to the <table>tag. To do that you need to set the setTableExtraClasses()method.


$table = new BootstrapTable();
$table->setTableExtraClasses(array("extra-custom-class") );

setHeader: this method setup the header of the file, the only parameter is an array that contains the data of each <th>. Setting header is optional, if not setted the header won't be shown.


$table = new BootstrapTable();
$table->setHeader(array("First header column data") );

addRows: add a row of data to the table. Accepts two params: the fist is the array of data, the second is an array of custom css classes to add to the <tr> tag.


$table = new BootstrapTable();
$table->addRows(array("First data column data"), array("custom-class1") );

Dynamic Size

Keep in mind that you dont have to set the size of the table, you can add as many rows as you want and the table size will adjust automatically!

Printing the table

When you're done setting up you table you can just do echo $table and you'll see the table as html. If you prefer you can get the html string of the table instead with the table->getHtml() method.