A PHP Client for Odoo

0.3.0 2016-05-15 14:52 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-18 13:46:30 UTC


OdooClient is an Odoo client for PHP. It is inspired on OpenERP API from simbigo and uses a more or less similar API. Instead of an own XML-RPC client it depends on the XML-RPC and XML libraries from ZF.

Supported versions

This library should work with Odoo 8 and 9. If you find any any incompatibilities, please create an issue or submit a pull request.

Known issues

  • The Odoo::getReport() method in v0.2.2 and lower does not work with Odoo 9.


Instantiate a new client.

use Jsg\Odoo\Odoo;

$url = 'example.odoo.com/xmlrpc/2';
$database = 'example-database';
$user = 'user@email.com';
$password = 'yourpassword';

$client = new Odoo($url, $database, $user, $password);

For the client to work you have to include the /xmlrpc/2 part of the url.

When you need to tweak the HTTP client used by the XML-RPC client, you can inject a custom HTTP client via the constructor or the Odoo::setHttpClient method.

use Jsg\Odoo\Odoo;
use Zend\Http\Client as HttpClient;

$httpClient = new HttpClient(null, [
    'sslverifypeer' => false,

// constructor argument
$client = new Odoo($url, $database, $user, $password, $httpClient);

// or setter
$client = new Odoo($url, $database, $user, $password);

xmlrpc/2/common endpoint

Getting version information.


Getting timezone information.


There is no login/authenticate method. The client does authentication for you, that is why the credentials are passed as constructor arguments.

xmlrpc/2/object endpoint

Search for records.

$criteria = [
  ['customer', '=', true],
$limit = 10;
$offset = 0;

$client->search('res.partner', $criteria, $offset, $limit);

Reading records.

$ids = $client->search('res.partner', [['customer', '=', true]], 0, 10);

$fields = ['name', 'email', 'customer'];

$customers = $client->read('res.partner', $ids, $fields);

Creating records.

$data = [
  'name' => 'John Doe',
  'email' => 'foo@bar.com',

$id = $client->create('res.partner', $data);

Updating records.

// change email address of user with current email address foo@bar.com
$ids = $client->search('res.partner', [['email', '=', 'foo@bar.com']], 0, 1);

$client->write('res.partner', $ids, ['email' => 'baz@quux.com']);

// 'uncustomer' the first 10 customers
$ids = $client->search('res.partner', [['customer', '=', true]], 0, 10);

$client->write('res.partner', $ids, ['customer' => false]);

Deleting records.

$ids = $client->search('res.partner', [['email', '=', 'baz@quuz.com']], 0, 1);

$client->unlink('res.partner', $ids);

Get report in base64 format.

$ids = $client->search('res.partner', [['customer', '=', true]], 0, 10);

$report = $client->getReport('res.partner', $ids);


MIT License. Copyright (c) 2014 Jacob Steringa.