better i18n fieldtypes for currency & date

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This module provides improved fieldtypes to handle Currency and Date for internationalization.
It lets you define your formats via translation files or static setters.

To enable the classes use:

Object::useCustomClass('SS_Datetime','I18nDatetime', true);

To set your formats, override the language file entries or set them directly like:

I18nDatetime::setFormatNice('%e. %B %G');

So you can easily customize the template methods like Nice, NiceDate, Nice24 etc.
For currency values it adds a Pure method, which formats the amount nicely but omits the symbol.
Also a Raw wrapper is provided to unify the access to the unformatted value.

For the Money class, which uses Zend Money, use a setter and a options array:

Object::useCustomClass('Money','I18nMoney', true);
//@see http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/zend.currency.options.html
I18nMoney::setOptions(array('display' => Zend_Currency::USE_SHORTNAME,
  			'position' => Zend_Currency::RIGHT));

Maintainer Contact

Ivo Bathke https://github.com/ivoba
see https://github.com/ivoba/silverstripe-i18n-fieldtypes/


SilverStripe 3.0.+

Installation Instructions

  1. copy folder to a i18n-fieldtypes folder in your SS3 installation.

  2. copy configurations from this module's _config.php file into mysite/_config.php file and edit settings as required.