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#Setup guidelines

##About ITKore represents a drupal 8 platform from which new drupal 8 sites may be built. This way some of the trivial tasks are bypassed to start the project a little further ahead. ITKore consists of three parts:

ITKore profile is a drupal install profile which holds custom modules and depends on some contrib modules. The profile also alters some default core configuration.

ITKore theme is a Drupal theme which holds the bare minimum for a theme to work.

How to use?

###Buliding a new drupal core site with composer If you are building a new drupal site locally in an ITK vagrant it is recommended to run the script file located at vagrant/base/scripts/ The setup script will use composer to fetch the itkore-theme repo, itkore-profile repo and drupal core. The script will use composer to fetch the required contrib modules and place them in the htdocs/modules folder

A local setup flow would be:

  • Go to vagrant repo

  • Create new local site:

  • Run Drupal 8 setup script:
  • Start up vagrant
  • Setup site with drush or from browser

ITKore profile as a seperate installation

It's possible to grab the install profile and attach it to any drupal 8 site. The profile depends on a group of contrib modules see


###ITKore ITKore contains the following modules

  • ITKore admin
    • Provides an admin interface for site specific config settings
  • ITKore content types
    • Provides four content types
      1. News
      2. Page
      3. Overview page
  • ITKore fields
    • Holds field definitions
  • ITKore text filters
    • Sets up text filters
  • ITKore user roles
    • Sets up user roles and default permissions
  • ITKore user theme
    • Sets up login form to use admin theme
  • ITKore default content
    • Sets up cookie page and 404.
  • ITKore fields
    • Sets up nodes with default fields

###Other To support the build som basic drupal contrib and custom ITK modules are added.

  • ITK cookie message
    • Provides cookie warning
  • ITK paragraph
    • Provides default paragraph types commonly used by ITK
  • ITK admin links
    • Provides admin links as a block
  • Ctools
  • Entity reference revisions
  • Field group
  • Imce
  • Metatag
  • Paragraphs
  • Pathauto
  • Paragraphs
  • Redirect
  • Role delegation
  • Token
  • Toolbar visibility
  • Youtube field