Azure AD Delta Sync for Drupal

1.0.0 2021-09-06 13:05 UTC

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Last update: 2023-12-04 14:32:43 UTC


Drupal module for Azure AD Delta Sync.


composer require itk-dev/azure_ad_delta_sync
vendor/bin/drush pm:enable azure_ad_delta_sync

Go to /admin/config/azure_ad_delta_sync to set up the module.

You will probably want to add Azure api keys in settings.local.php, i.e.

# settings.local.php

$config['azure_ad_delta_sync.settings']['azure']['client_id'] = '…';
$config['azure_ad_delta_sync.settings']['azure']['client_secret'] = '…';
$config['azure_ad_delta_sync.settings']['azure']['group_id'] = '…';
$config['azure_ad_delta_sync.settings']['azure']['tenant_id'] = '…';

Furthermore, you may want to install the Config Ignore module and ignore the azure_ad_delta_sync.settings config if committing config to a version control system.


A cron job should run the following command at regular intervals:

vendor/bin/drush azure_ad_delta_sync:run --force

Run vendor/bin/drush azure_ad_delta_sync:run --help for details on the command.


For development you need a full Drupal project. See itk-dev/azure-ad-delta-sync-drupal-test for an example.

We use a lazy services, azure_ad_delta_sync.user_manager (Drupal\azure_ad_delta_sync\UserManager) and azure_ad_delta_sync.controller (Drupal\azure_ad_delta_sync\Controller), , which requires generating a prozy class (cf.

Run the following commands to update the proxy classes:

php «DRUPAL_ROOT»/web/core/scripts/generate-proxy-class.php 'Drupal\azure_ad_delta_sync\UserManager' web/modules/contrib/azure_ad_delta_sync/src
php «DRUPAL_ROOT»/web/core/scripts/generate-proxy-class.php 'Drupal\azure_ad_delta_sync\Controller web/modules/contrib/azure_ad_delta_sync/src

Automated tests

Requires a full Drupal installation with the azure_ad_delta_sync module in the web/modules/contrib folder.

(cd «DRUPAL_ROOT»/web; ../vendor/bin/phpunit modules/contrib/azure_ad_delta_sync/tests/src/Functional)

Coding standards

The code follows the Drupal Coding Standards (cf. phpcs.xml.dist) and can be checked by running

composer install
composer coding-standards-check


composer coding-standards-apply

to automatically fix some coding standard violations.

Code analysis

drupal-check is used to perform static analysis of the code. Run

composer code-analysis

GitHub Actions

We use GitHub Actions to check coding standards, perform code analysis and run automated tests whenever a pull request is made (cf. .github/workflows/pr.yaml).

Before making a pull request you can run the GitHub Actions locally to check for any problems:

Install act and run

act -P ubuntu-latest=shivammathur/node:focal pull_request