Bundle that provides the deqar-api-client package via Symfony services.

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How to install the bundle?

The package can be installed via Composer:

composer require it-bens/it-bens/deqar-api-client-bundle

If you're using Symfony Flex, the bundle will be automatically enabled. For older apps, enable it in your Kernel class.

How to use the DEQAR API Client(s) Bundle?

With this bundle, an SubmissionApiClientInterface and an WebApiClientInterface implementation is configured for auto-wiring. Both clients have to be configured via symfony configuration:

    deqar_username: '%env(string:DEQAR_API_USERNAME)%'
    deqar_password: '%env(string:DEQAR_API_PASSWORD)%'
    cache: 'itb_deqar_api_client.test_cache'
    deqar_username: '%env(string:DEQAR_API_USERNAME)%'
    deqar_password: '%env(string:DEQAR_API_PASSWORD)%'
    test: true

The WebApiClient can be used without the SubmissionApi Client, but it's not possible to use the SubmissionApi client without the WebApi client. The latter one requires WebApi access to check the provided agencies, activities and institutions.

If no cache key is provided, the uncached WebApi client will be used (also for the SubmissionApi client). The cached WebApi client requires a valid and registered cache pool, provided with its id.

The usage of the clients is described here: GitHub - DEQAR API Client(s).


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