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dev-master 2019-09-12 03:38 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-12 14:29:48 UTC


This lets you edit environment settings in the CMS, which allows you to quickly stage or test different environment settings without having to do a full deployment.

This module has a few restrictions:

  • Environment can only be modified by the default admin (specified in the core .env)
  • The core .env file cannot be modified; You can only specify additional variables to add or override
  • The additional file will be ignored if HOTENV_IGNORE is specified in the root

Variables and constants of note:

  • HOTENV_PATH - Environment variable specified in the root .env to the location (writable) where your .hotenv file will be located. By default it will write to public/assets/.protected/.hotenv, but it's better to put this outside of the webroot. E.g. HOTENV_PATH="./system/.hotenv will put a folder in base called system and save your .hotenv file there.
  • HOTENV_IGNORE - Environment variable to disable hotenv loading (you can still edit the file however)
  • HOTENV_LOADED - Constant (not environment variable) that is set if the .hotenv file was successfully loaded in the current request