Client binding for IronCache (A key/value store in the cloud)

0.1.3 2013-04-07 16:53 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-16 09:15:08 UTC


Getting Started

Get credentials

To start using iron_cache_php, you need to sign up and get an oauth token.

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Get an Oauth Token at

Install iron_cache_php

There are two ways to use iron_cache_php:

Using precompiled phar archive:

Copy iron_cache.phar to target directory and include it:

require_once "phar://iron_cache.phar";

Please note, phar extension available by default only from php 5.3.0 For php 5.2 you should install phar manually or use second option.

Using classes directly

  1. Copy IronCache.class.php to target directory
  2. Grab IronCore.class.php there and copy to target directory
  3. Include both of them:
require_once "IronCore.class.php"
require_once "IronCache.class.php"


Three ways to configure IronCache:

  • Passing array with options:
$cache = new IronCache(array(
    'token' => 'XXXXXXXXX',
    'project_id' => 'XXXXXXXXX'
  • Passing ini file name which stores your configuration options. Rename sample_config.ini to config.ini and include your credentials (token and project_id):
$cache = new IronCache('config.ini');
  • Automatic config search - pass zero arguments to constructor and library will try to find config file in following locations:

    • iron.ini in current directory
    • iron.json in current directory
    • IRON_CACHE_TOKEN, IRON_CACHE_PROJECT_ID and other environment variables
    • IRON_TOKEN, IRON_PROJECT_ID and other environment variables
    • .iron.ini in user's home directory
    • .iron.json in user's home directory

The Basics

Put an item in the cache:

$res = $cache->put("mykey", "hello world!");

Get an item from the cache:

$item = $cache->get("mykey");

Increment an item value in the cache:

$res = $cache->increment("mykey", 1);

Delete an item from the cache:

$res = $cache->delete("mykey");

Cache Selection

Select cache before interacting with items

  • In constructor: $cache = new IronCache('config.ini', 'my_cache');
  • By method: $cache->setCacheName('my_cache');
  • Do it later when you need: $cache->getItem('my_cache','my_key');

Using IronCache as session store

$cache = new IronCache();

# Use session as usual


http error: 0

If you see Uncaught exception 'Http_Exception' with message 'http error: 0 | ' it most likely caused by misconfigured cURL https sertificates. There are two ways to fix this error:

  1. Disable SSL sertificate verification - add this line after IronCache initialization: $cache->ssl_verifypeer = false;
  2. Switch to http protocol - add this to configuration options: protocol = http and port = 80