Iresults Framework

3.3.2 2018-06-19 10:07 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-17 19:41:28 UTC


The iresults core package provides fundamental functionality and classes.

The features include:

  • Mutable objects (Iresults\Core\Mutable) which read data from different input formats (XML, CSV, YAML,...)
  • Key value coding (Iresults\Core\KVCInterface)
  • Resolution of property key paths (Iresults\Core\Model)
  • Debugging (Iresults\Core\Debug)
  • Profiling (Iresults\Core\Profiler)
  • Locks (Iresults\Core\System\Lock)
  • Tree based data structures (Iresults\Core\Model\DataTree)
  • Cache abstraction (Iresults\Core\Cache)
  • and many more...