Provides an integration to use a WordPress blog with your SilverStripe Site

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Last update: 2024-06-28 08:45:24 UTC


Provides a simple integration to use a WordPress blog with your SilverStripe site

Install via Composer

composer require iqnection/silverstripe-wordpress-integration


Create a WordPress Redirect Page and set the URL directory (from root) for where the WordPress install lives

  • The site root .htaccess will be updated to allow requests to this directory

You can also retrieve posts from your WP blog to display on your SS pages

// find the page model
$wpPage = WordPressRedirectPage::get()->byId($id);
// retrieve the posts
$posts = $wpPage->getBlogFeed();

Posts will be cached so the RSS is not queried on every page request

When the URL for the page is requested, a cache of specified templates will be created, which can then be injected into your WordPress theme. This provides the ability to utilize the same header and footer between platforms. The template cache will be store at path/to/site/root/template-cache/{page-url}.json The json consists of templates you cached, stored as base 64 strings.

In your WP theme, simple load this file, decode the JSON, then base64 decode the array values.


You can add or remove elements to cache. Set array key: value(s) for which templates to cache. Use the same key in your WordPress theme to access the rendered HTML When teh templates are rendered, a template variable $ForCache is provided, incase you don't want certain elements to render, like forms.

<% if not $ForCache %>
<% end_if %>


Default cached templates are

  • header: Includes/Header
  • footer: Includes/Footer

Adding templates to render

    my-key: 'path/to/template'