Integrates BugHerd with SilverStripe CMS

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Silverstripe BugHerd

Integrates the SilverStripe CMS with BugHerd tasks

[Still in development]


composer require iqnection/silverstripe-bugherd

Obtain your API key and project ID

API Key:

  • login to BugHerd, edit to your profile
  • Select the organization where the project is setup
  • On the General tab, you'll see your "Authenticaion Token"

Project ID:

In your root .env file, add the following API credentials



Create the webhook to receive updates of new/changed/deleted tasks Open up your SSH terminal and connect to your server use thefolling command to run tasks... /path/to/site/root/vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/bugherd task={bugherd-task} [extraParam=value]

The following command tasks are available

Download tasks

To keep from downloading all tasks, you can include the optional {status} param to filter by task status current in SilverStripe /path/to/site/root/vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/bugherd task=getTasks Optional Params:

  • status: filter by status After the tasks are initially downloaded, you'll need to run an update. Not all data is provided when downloading tasks in bulk.

Update Tasks

Updates the task data, individually /path/to/site/root/vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/bugherd task=updateTasks Optional Params:

  • status: filter by status, comma separate multiple values

Update Synced Task's Statuses

Update only the status of tasks /path/to/site/root/vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/bugherd task=updateStatuses Optional Params:

  • status: filter by status, comma separate multiple values

Create Webhooks

Creates three webhooks to receive updates when tasks are created, updated, and deleted /path/to/site/root/vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/bugherd task=createWebhooks

You can disable certain hooks by updating the class stat

    task_update: false

Delete Webhooks

/path/to/site/root/vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/bugherd task=deleteWebhooks

How to use

When enabled, all pages will receive a BugHerd tab to track issues on the particular page.

An additional report will be available to view your tasks by page, which makes it easier to group pages that have multiple tasks.