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SilverStripe 3 Algolia Search Page

0.0.2 2018-02-01 14:36 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-09 02:57:35 UTC


Site search page powered by Algolia (requires Algolia account)


  • Upload files and perform a dev/build.
  • In SilverStripe admin, create a new "Algolia Search Results Page" page.


  • Edit your new page, and click on the "Algolia Settings" tab.
  • Fill in the first 4 fields with values obtained from your Algolia "API Keys" page.
  • If you are searching more than one index, you may enter them in the "Additional Indecies" textarea.
  • If you are using the Community (free) version of Algolia, you must leave the "Community Version" option checked.


  • To run an initial index, go to your search page's URL, and add "/BuildIndex" to the end:
  • {Search Page Full URL}/BuildIndex
  • If the indexing process runs successfully, you can set up a cron job to run as frequently as you need. For the Community version, once daily is recommended.
  • cron command: wget "{Search Page Full URL}/BuildIndex" >/dev/null 2>&1

Adding WordPress to Search

  • Install the Algolia plugin for WordPress.
  • Once you've activated the Algolia plugin and run your initial index, log into Algolia and get the name of the new WordPress index.
  • Add this index name to the "Additional Indecies" section in your SilverStripe's page "Algolia Settings" tab.