IQnection SilverStripe SEO Module

2.1.1 2018-10-23 18:48 UTC



SilverStripe 4 SEO Module

Adds fields for Google Analytics code.

When populated, IQ templating will automatically insert code into HTML head

Adds additional page variables for SEO

  • MetaTitle
  • NoFollow: can be used in templates to set a page link to rel="nofollow"
  • URLRedirects: enter old URL paths, if path doesn't exist, system will search for path and redirect to page that has path entered here
  • MetaKeywords: for those that still use this

Adds fields for including additional tags/elements in , and before close

If using Google Tag Manager, be sure to add the following code to your templates

Add inside your tag before any other scripts:

<% if $SiteConfig.GoogleTagManagerHeadCode %>$SiteConfig.GoogleTagManagerHeadCode.RAW<% end_if %>

Add just insode your opening element

<% if $SiteConfig.GoogleTagManagerBodyCode %>$SiteConfig.GoogleTagManagerBodyCode.RAW<% end_if %>