Simplified database records management

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Simplified database records management. Inspector will let you take care of CRUD without taking over your frontend.


$inspector = new \InvoiceNinja\Inspector\Inspector();

// List all tables in the database
$tables = $inspector->getTableNames();

// Get table columns
$columns = $inspector->getTableColumns('users');


You can install the package via composer:

composer require invoiceninja/inspector


  • Laravel 8.x
  • PHP 7.4+


Inspector isn't your regular admin panel. It is meant to be used as part of the admin panel. That said, we wanted something that is lightweight and it doesn't take over your front end.

It doesn't care about your CSS framework, do you use Livewire or not, because you're in charge of integrating it. Don't worry, it's extremely simple.


Like we previously said, you're in charge of integrating Inspector, but we will give you the most simple examples here.

Start by creating one controller, we will name it TableController.

php artisan make:controller TableController

Showing tables in the database

public function index(\InvoiceNinja\Inspector\Inspector $inspector)
    return view('tables.index', [
        'tables' => $inspector->getTableNames(),

Now, to show all these tables, you can make your own loop. To speed things up, we've provided some prebuilt components.

<x-inspector-tables :tables="$tables" />

This will show a nice preview of all tables in your database.

Failed jobs
Password resets
Personal access tokens

Awesome, let's make the link to the individual table page. We can do this by passing the show-route-name parameter in the component.

<x-inspector-tables :tables="$tables" show-route-name="" />

Note: Route name is fully optional. We're using a resourceful controller, following Laravel conventions.

By doing that, we should get a new "View" action in our table:

Table Action
Failed jobs View
Migrations View
Password resets View
Personal access tokens View
Users View

Showing table columns

It might be useful for you to preview table columns & their types. To achieve that we can use the getTableColumns method.

public function show(string $table, \InvoiceNinja\Inspector\Inspector $inspector)
    return view('', [
        'columns' => $inspector->getTableColumns($table),
<x-inspector-columns :columns="$columns" />

That will produce a nice table with all columns/types.

Column Type
id integer
migration string
batch integer

Showing table records

To show table records, we can make use of the getTableRecords method.

public function show(string $table, \InvoiceNinja\Inspector\Inspector $inspector)
    return view('', [
        'table' => $inspector->getTableSchema($table),
        'columns' => $inspector->getTableColumns($table),
        'records' => $inspector->getTableRecords($table),
    :records="$records" /> 

To generate a link to a specific record, pass show-route-name:

    show-route-name="tables.edit" /> 

This will generate URL like this: /tables/{table}/edit?id=1.

# id migration batch
View 1 2014_10_12_000000_create_users_table 1

Showing & editing row in the table

Showing a page for the specific row is super simple. We can make use of the getTableRecord method.

public function edit(string $table, \Illuminate\Http\Request $request, \InvoiceNinja\Inspector\Inspector $inspector)
    return view('tables.edit', [
        'table' => $inspector->getTableSchema($table),
        'columns' => $inspector->getTableColumns($table),
        'record' => $inspector->getTableRecord($table, $request->query('id')),
    update-route-name="tables.update" />

This will generate the form with all columns as input fields & their values as part of input values.

Note: update-route-name is optional.

Updating table row

One thing that is left is updating the table row. As you can probably guess, Inspector provides a helper method - updateTableRecord.

public function update(string $table, \Illuminate\Http\Request $request, \InvoiceNinja\Inspector\Inspector $inspector)
    $inspector->validate($request, $table);

    $success = $inspector->updateTableRecord($table, $request->query('id'), $request);

    if ($success) {
        return back()->withMessage('Successfully updated the record.');

    return back()->withMessage('Oops, something went wrong.');


We did our best to make Inspector as configurable as possible. To tinker with a configuration file, make sure to publish it first.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="InvoiceNinja\Inspector\InspectorServiceProvider"

With configuration published, you can control visible tables, as well as hidden, component classes & modify them as you wish.

Available methods

  • setConnectionName(string $connectionName): self - Set the database connection. By default it will pick up your default app connection.

  • getConnectionName(): string - Retrieve the current connection name.

  • getSchemaManager(): Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\AbstractSchemaManager - Retrieve current schema manager instance.

  • getTableNames(): array - Retrieve the list of table names in the database.

  • getTableSchema(string $table): Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Table - Retrieve Table representation of table.

  • getTableColumns(string $table): array - Retrieve all columns for specified table.

  • getTable(string $table): Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder - Table instance of query builder.

  • getTableRecords(string $table, array $columns = ['*']): Illuminate\Support\Collection - Retrieve all records for the specified table.

  • getTableRecord(string $table, string $value, string $column = 'id'): mixed - Retrieve single record for specified table.

  • updateTableRecord(string $table, string $id, Request $request, string $column = 'id'): bool - Update specific table row.

  • validate(Request $request, string $table) - Validate specific request.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security-related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.