This package simplifies the integration of Quickteller Business

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Interswitch's official laravel package to easily integrate to Quickteller Business to collect payments. To begin, create an account at if you haven't already.


PHP 7.2+ and Composer are required.

To get the latest version of Laravel Interswitch, simply require it like so:

composer require interswitch/laravel-interswitch

Once installed, the package automatically registers its service provider and facade.


You can publish the configuration file using this command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Interswitch\Interswitch\InterswitchServiceProvider"

A configuration file 'interswitch.php' with some defaults is placed in your config directory.

Payment Flow

The payment flow is described below:

  1. User clicks a button to make payment, the user is redirected to the payment page, usually by submitting a form with hidden fields.
  2. On the payment page, there are multiple payment options:
  • Card Option: The user enters card details and follows the prompt.
  • Transfer(Virtual Accounts) Option: The user can pay via a bank transfer either using their financial/bank app or USSD to the dynamic account number displayed to complete the transaction.
  • QR Option: The user can scan the QR displayed on the payment page using their bank app to complete the transaction.
  • USSD Option:
    • The user selects a bank
    • A USSD code is generated
    • User types the USSD code on their mobile device and follows the prompt.
  • Verve Wallet: The user can login to their verve wallet if they have one.
  1. The user gets a prompt indicating a successful or a failed transaction.



Quickteller Business provides a test and a live environment.
The test environment allows you to test your integration without actually charging any bank account.
After successfully testing your integration, you can easily switch to the live environment (after all required documents have been uploaded).

For the test environment, in your .env file, add:


For the live environment, in your .env file, add:


If none is present, the test environment is assummed by default.

Furthermore, you need to add the following environment variables:


The INTERSWITCH_REDIRECT_URL is the endpoint you will like to get the status of a transaction. Also define this route in your route file and make a call to confirmTransaction() like so:

use Interswitch\Interswitch\Facades\Interswitch;




Sample Payment Form

- Create Payment View

Create your view like so:
NOTE: The form must be submitted to interswitch-pay using post method.

<form action="interswitch-pay" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="customerEmail" value="" />
    <input type="hidden" name="amount" value="15000" />
    <input type="hidden" name="transactionReference" value="abcdfi1389jk">
    <!-- Amount must be in kobo-->
            padding: 12px 22px;
            background-color: #c80e0e;
            border: none;
            color: #fff;
            font-size: 1em;
            border-radius: 5px;
        Pay Now

Note: 'amount' field must be in kobo

- Supported parameters

Below is a list of all the supported parameters. These parameters can be added in your form:

Parameters Data Type Required Description
customerEmail string true The email of the person making the payment.
amount string true The cost of the item being paid for in kobo.
transactionReference string true This is a unique reference string required for every transaction. You can create a method to generate this.
currency string false The ISO code of the currency being used. If this field is not added, the currency naira is assumed.
customerName string false The name of the person making the payment.
customerID string false The ID of the person making the payment.
payItemName string false The name of the item being paid for.

- Further Steps:

  • Click the 'Pay Now' button and follow the required steps.
  • Note that the form is submitted to the route 'interswitch-pay', this is predefined in the package.
  • On clicking the 'Pay Now' button, the user is redirected to interswitch's payment page. Choose a payment option and follow the steps.
  • The user is then redirected back to your website as indicated by 'INTERSWITCH_REDIRECT_URL'.
  • This url will return the result of the transaction. Sample response will be like so:
"transactionReference": "y84KWu1617176725",
"responseCode": "00",
"responseDescription": "Approved by Financial Institution",
"paymentReference": "FBN|WEB|MX26070|31-03-2021|3511400|927085",
"returnedReference": "1287984345",
"cardNumber": "",
"approvedAmount": "15000",
"amount": "15000",
"mac": ""


- Handling the Response

For integrity purpose, you need to make a server side request to get the final status of a transaction before giving value. To do this, make a call to confirmTransaction(transactionReference, amount) like so:

use Interswitch\Interswitch\Facades\Interswitch;


Interswitch::confirmTransaction(transactionReference, amount);

It returns a JSON object containing the status of the transaction. Consider the sample response below:

"paymentReference": "FBN|WEB|MX26070|31-03-2021|3511400|927085",
"responseCode": "00",
"responseDescription": "Approved by Financial Institution",
"amount": "15000",
"transactionDate": "2021-03-31T08:45:31",
"merchantReference": "y84KWu1617176725"

Below is a description of the response keys:

Key Meaning
responseCode A code indicating the status of the transaction.
responseDescription This gives a full description of the transaction status
amount This indicates the total amount transacted in kobo.
paymentReference Indicates the transaction reference generated by the payment gateway.
merchantReference Indicates the transaction reference provided by you.
transactionDate Shows the date and time the transaction took place.

There are quite a number of response codes that can be returned, the full list can be viewed here

Live Environment

To go live,

  • Switch to the live environment on your Quickteller Business dashboard by clicking the 'switch' button at the top right corner of the dashboard.
  • Also add the following to .env:


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.