Retrieve, store and apply currency conversions in your SilverStripe site.

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Retrieve, store and apply currency conversions in your SilverStripe site.


composer require internetrix/currency-converter

Displaying rates

To output a converted currency, call the ConvertibleCurrency class and include the amount. If the amount is not in the base currency, include the amount's currency. If it requires conversion to a specific currency, include that target currency. ConvertibleCurrency::convert($amount, $amountCurrency, $targetCurrency)

From inside a template, simply add "AutoConversion" to the output variable. To get the currency symbol, append "Full". AutoConversion can also accept two parameters: base and target currency. <h2>Total Price: $Total.AutoConversion.Full</h2>

To switch the display rate, add the target currency to the URL using a "uscc" variable (it then persists for the session.) For example, to show aussie dollars:

Refreshing the rates

To get the latest currency conversion rates, run the included task with a daily cron. It populates the database with conversions between all configured cuurencies. /dev/tasks/UpdateCurrencyRatesTask

API Configuration

The module connects to for the latest currency conversion rates as supplied by the European Central Bank. Currently it reports 31 currencies. To use a different API, update the config.yml latest_currency_rates_api : ''

The currency locale information is listed in the yaml file, this is not comprehensive and may need updating. Amend it to include/exclude the rates saved into the database, using the other_currencies section.

Note there is one additional lookup to to determine the current user's locale.