Prevent the installation of superfluous PHP polyfills

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7.4.0 2020-10-20 10:08 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-20 18:20:55 UTC


Package that prevents installing superfluous polyfills. It’s a public repository so it can be published in packagist. It’s probably not useful for anybody outside of InterNations.

How it works

The package requires a particular PHP version and a particular set of PHP extensions and specifies a replace section for polyfills that no longer need to be installed. This replace section prevents the installation of said dependencies.

How to use

Run composer require internations/php-implied:~<PHP version>, so e.g. composer require internations/php-implied:~7.4.0 to install the metapackage.


Keep version of the metapackage in sync with PHP’s major/minor target version. So internations/php-implied: 7.4.0 targets php: >=7.4.0 && <7.5

Changing the package

  • Add a new element to the replace section
  • Run composer validate
  • Tag a new tag from master to automatically release a new packagist version